Review – XLAB Carbon Torpedo Mount Hydration System

Xlab Torpedo Mount
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The Xlab Torpedo Mount is a simple “plate” that comes in either carbon fiber or aluminum. You mount a standard bottle cage onto the Torpedo Mount and then suspend the system between your aero bars by 4 straps. Simple and effective.

MSRP: $50


  • Horizontal not tilted 18 degrees
  • Front area of bottle 68% less than most other bottles
  • 4 Straps with Silicone Grip adjust to aerobar width
  • Non-Stretch polyester straps
  • Easy install/removal. No tools required.


  • Fits bars 9-14 cms apart. Center to center
  • 1 1/2″ fore and aft adjustment of cage on mount
  • Weight: 25g


This system DOES NOT come with a cage. I’m using the Xlab Chimp cage on the carbon fiber Torpedo Mount. Pretty much any cage should work though.

The Good

Looks cool, and allows for a better aerodynamic hydration system than vertically-mounted systems. Plus, you use a standard water bottle with it, which is nice. In certain races, I’ll carry up to two additional bottles behind my seat. When my torpedo mount bottle is empty, I swap it out with a full one from behind my seat. This way, the torpedo mount is always carrying a full bottle.


The Bad

The straps suck. I’ve had four of them break. And finding replacement straps has been next to impossible. My solution is to purchase velcro straps from the hardware store to hold the mount in place. These continue to break as well. I believe the culprit is the sharp edges from the carbon fiber mount itself. The mount does bounce ever so slightly due to road conditions, and the straps get strained when the bottle is removed/inserted. It’s similar to a rope rubbing against a sharp object. Enough rubbing and it will break.

I pretty much replace the velcro straps before every big race just as a precaution. I’d say they last for about a dozen rides as well. That sucks.


The Word

I think the idea behind the torpedo mount is really good. It’s simple, light, and aerodynamic. But for $50 without a cage, I expect the straps not to break. If the slots that the straps run through were rounded off, I think this would be a non-issue. Perhaps the aluminum version does not have this problem.

Overall I like the setup it allows, but it’s got issues.


3 Responses to Review – XLAB Carbon Torpedo Mount Hydration System

  1. Damon says:
    Appearance Not Rated
    Performance Not Rated

    Hi David, we have improved the straps dramatically in the last 5 months, and all mounts that are sold now have these new reinforced straps. We have also beveled all edges on the carbon fiber versions. All straps have a one year warranty as well, so if you have had straps that have torn, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can take care of it for you.

    Best regards,

    Damon Vinje

  2. David Garthe says:
    Appearance Not Rated
    Performance Not Rated

    Very cool. Thanks Damon!

  3. James Hunt says:
    Appearance Not Rated
    Performance Not Rated

    I’m trying to decide between the carbon and aluminum versions. Is there a weight difference between them? I can’t figure out any other reason to use carbon. Xlab doesn’t list the aluminum weight which makes me think the difference is negligible.

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