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Cobb Plus saddle
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I think I’ve tried nearly every saddle made. Seriously. It’s like my own quest for the holy grail. My boys need comfort, and I will not stop until they are smiling.

Saddle discomfort is the one nuisance that plagues me in every long-distance triathlon. It keeps me from riding in the aero bars for long stretches. If I can find a comfortable seat, I can remain aero for longer, and I’ll have a faster bike split. I’ve tried them all, so when I saw an advertisement for Cobb Cycling’s saddles, I said “Why Not?”.

Cobb Cycling

John Cobb is the owner of Cobb Cycling products. He has created a company that specializes in high quality saddles. He is an expert in helping riders get comfortable while in a very forward, aero position. I have read that John helped create the very popular ISM Adamo seat (which I’ve bought twice and stopped using twice).

Cobb also has a pretty awesome comfort guarantee.

All Cobb Cycling seats come with a no questions asked, hassle free, 180 day comfort guarantee and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. After you receive the saddle and ride it, really give it a fair test for several rides. These seats may feel harder at first but they will quickly break in. If you don’t like it, return the seat. All we ask is that you keep the tool set and the tape measure to help you fit your next seat choice. Cobb Cycling wants you to enjoy bike riding and good seat position and comfort are essential.

I began by calling up Cobb Cycling and asking a few questions about their products. I actually spoke with a Vice President who is also a multiple Ironman finisher. He was extremely patient with my questions and helped me choose the “Plus” model based on my prior riding discomfort. The Plus saddle is a bit wider than their VFlow model, and LESS wide than their Max saddle. I placed my order.

I received an email within 30 minutes that they had already shipped my saddle. That’s not a typo – 30 minutes. Did I mention that Cobb gives you free ground shipping? Two days later (with free ground shipping), my saddle arrived.


My Review

I’m not sure of the seat’s actual weight, but it felt similar to other triathlon saddles I’ve used.  Remember though, this isn’t a seat created for a 12 lb. climbing bike.  They have other saddles for that.   The Plus was created for long-distance comfort, and that is exactly what I needed – a seat for an Ironman distance race.

I quickly put this seat on my tri bike. I went with the white Plus saddle (black is also available). The white does show dirty easily, so be sure to clean those greasy fingers first!

The first ride was simply awesome. It just felt…right. Sixty miles and zero discomfort. The seat has ample cushion, but not too much. I didn’t feel any “hotspots” and I could ride on the nose of the saddle for extended periods as well. The best part is that the contact points seem to be in the perfect location for me.

Second ride was the same… awesome. I was in my aero bars probably 85% of the time, and nothing hurt.

A week later, I raced a 70.3 Ironman and was in the aero bars probably 98% of the time. I have NEVER been able to do that. It was great. It was also my fastest ever 70.3 bike split.



Saddle choice is very personal to each cyclist. What works for me may or may not work for you. They have other variations and widths that should fit anybody. The best part of this company is their satisfaction guarantee and incredible customer service. I don’t know of any other saddle maker with the confidence in their products to offer such a guarantee.

For me, this is my seat. My search is over.   If you’re unhappy with your current setup, give a Cobb saddle a try. I’m glad I did.


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