Review – SPIbelt Energy Belt

SPIbelt Energy Belt
Editor’s Rating

Model: SPIbelt – Energy Belt

Retail: $21.95

Description: Sleek, expandable, secure and does not bounce. Can hold an iPod™, Blackberry™, cell, keys, up to five GU™ packs, and other small personal items. Carry up to 6 additional energy packs on your belt. Easy access, easy removal when needed.

My Review:

The SPIbelt Energy Belt is a must-have accessory for both long and short-distance runners. I purchased the SPIbelt because I wanted something less bulky than my FuelBelt to hold my gels and personal items when doing shorter-distance runs or races when carrying additional water was unnecessary. I specifically chose SPIbelt because of it’s narrow belt and ability to expand or contract depending on what I put in the pouch.

Honestly, when I first saw the SPIbelt, I was a bit skeptical about their claim that it can hold a phone, keys, personal items AND 5 gels. The pouch was so small that I thought I would be lucky just to fit 2-3 gels. However, I was able to put in my iPhone, keys, chapstick, a protein bar, fruit snacks and a couple sticks of gum. And, with this specific SPIbelt “Energy” model, I was able to add 6 gels to my stash with the elastic bands. That’s more than enough to get me through long marathon training runs.

It’s also great for cycling too. I have the ability to store extra nutrition while I’m on the bike and save time in transition by having one less thing to put on for the run.

The one drawback with this flexible/elastic-style belt is the more you put in the pouch, the heavier it gets and the more the pouch “bounces” while running. Tightening the belt seemed to help a bit, but that felt uncomfortable and constricting…especially on hot days or long runs when every minor annoyance is a major one. I found one way to alleviate the bounce was when I needed to wear my FuelBelt for additional water supply, I tucked the SPIbelt down into the belt area of the FuelBelt to keep it more stable.

Aside from the slight bounce, I think SPIbelt is by far the best on the market.

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