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Review – Ramble into Sprint 10 mile race – McKendree University, Lebanon, IL

McKendree University

Date: March 24, 2012

Distance: 10 miles, 10k, 5k

Race Cost: $13!

Race websitehttp://www.mckendree.edu/parents-visitors/visitors/race-day/

Total Runners: Around 500 total for all 3 distances

Race Start Time: 8am

Review – St. Patrick’s Day Race – St. Louis, MO

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Date: March 17, 2012

Distance: 5 miles

Race websitehttp://www.irishparade.org/site/run/

Race Mood: There are some very serious runners, but the vast majority of participants are there to have fun.  You will see runners pushing strollers and running with dogs.  You’ll also see groups of people pushing kegs in pull wagons while handing out free beer.  The mood is about having fun.

Total Runners: 13,000. If you want to race for time, then get there early and up front.  There’s waaay too many people that are doing this race for fun and have no interest in letting you through for a fast time.

Race Start Time: 9am (What’s not to like about that?)

Review – Cobb Cycling Plus Saddle

Cobb Plus saddle

Cost: $149.99 from CobbCycling.com

I think I’ve tried nearly every saddle made. Seriously. It’s like my own quest for the holy grail. My boys need comfort, and I will not stop until they are smiling.

Saddle discomfort is the one nuisance that plagues me in every long-distance triathlon. It keeps me from riding in the aero bars for long stretches. If I can find a comfortable seat, I can remain aero for longer, and I’ll have a faster bike split. I’ve tried them all, so when I saw an advertisement for Cobb Cycling’s saddles, I said “Why Not?”.